Nestle Japan is giving fans a chance to vote for a new international Kit Kat flavour – here’s how you can submit your idea

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It’s been 45 years since Kit Kat was introduced in Japan and Nestle Japan is celebrating the landmark anniversary by giving fans around the world a chance to vote for a flavour they want to be see released internationally.

Through its New Flavour World Summit campaign, the company is calling for people to think about new flavours they would like to see in a Kit Kat and to submit these ideas on the campaign website by April 8.

No registration or details are necessary but only posts in English will be eligible. Just think of the campaign as an international brainstorm.

Kit Kat’s no stranger to variety when it comes to break-time.

With over 350 flavours produced over the years, it is among the top Japanese snacks that tourists hunt for to bring back to their home countries and their flavours have ranged from surprising to absolutely insane, taking the original chocolate wafer to the next level.

Think flavours such as Wasabi (from Shizuoka) and Sweet Potato (from Kyushu and Okinawa). Then there are also limited edition flavours such as the Sakura Strawberry during the sakura season and the Easter pancake special, which are coveted even by locals.

Ideas from the campaign will undergo a worldwide election from April 20 to April 27.

Results from the election and the new products will be launched internationally in November.

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At the moment, the leading three flavours in the campaign are: Stroopwafel (1,800 votes), Mocha (1,500 votes) and Thai iced tea (1,400 votes).

Some also saw this as a chance to challenge Kit Kat, calling for bizarre flavours like Vegemite, Indomie Goreng and even Breast Milk.

Who knows, perhaps Nasi Lemak stands a chance too?

In a message on its campaign website, Kit Kat expressed appreciation to fans in Japan and around the world, and they hope to “continue to deliver a break to make everyone smile”.