Kyle Bass is getting whooped by what he called a ‘massive opportunity’

Kyle Bass.
“Wall Street Week”

Hayman Capital’s Kyle Bass’ flagship Hayman fund is down 7%, according to Gregory Zuckerman and Rob Copeland over at The Wall Street Journal.

The fund has been dragged down by the investor’s bullish call on energy.

Bass has been predicting a rally in oil prices since 2015, saying earlier this year that there is a “massive opportunity in energy.”

But that rally has yet to materialize. He lamented this in January in an episode of “Wall Street Week,” saying that his views on oil were “dogmatic” and that those views had “cost” him.

Here was his reasoning for sticking with the trade:

You have to realize that the US added a million barrels a day five years in a row, but it took $100 crude for us to do that. We were the marginal swing producer for the world. But now we’re going to go down a million barrels a day, I think, in the next 12 months. So, we’re going to go from a glut to all of a sudden a deficit, and the world’s not ready for a deficit.

Of course, that hasn’t happened yet.

“Everyone has terrible periods,” Bass told the WSJ in Monday’s report. “I had no idea it [oil] would fall so low.”

There’s no shortage of alternative views on oil. For the most recent bearish view, Business Insider’s Bob Bryan broke down a few thoughts about production from Goldman Sachs.

“Essentially, the global industry is trapped in a vicious circleof production at lower and lower costs that will continue to feed the oversupply of oil and keep prices in the current range,” Bryan wrote.

Not good news for Bass.

Head over to The Wall Street Journal for the full story.