Kylian Mbappé, the 19-year-old who demanded $60 million and a private jet, admits the money in sport is ‘indecent’ but that’s just how ‘the world of football works’

Kylian Mbappé.

Kylian Mbappé.
Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

  • Kylian Mbappé, the world’s most valuable soccer player, has said that the money involved in the sport is “indecent.”
  • Mbappé receives an extraordinary sum of money to play soccer for Ligue 1 heavyweight Paris Saint-Germain, and said the money involved is just the way the game works and he can’t change it.
  • Though Mbappé is paid a lot, he remains generous. The forward was paid half a million dollars for helping the France national team win the World Cup, and he donated it all to a children’s charity.

Kylian Mbappé has said that the money involved in soccer is “indecent” but that is just the way the sport works and he’s not going to change it.

Mbappé, a 2018 FIFA World Cup winner with the France national team, has taken his hot form from the summer into the domestic season in Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain.

With one goal scored or created every 46 minutes in the French division, Mbappé is currently ranked as the second-best player in the entire league and living up to his reputation as the “most valuable player” on the planet.

That is partly the reason PSG paid $200 million to AS Monaco in exchange for the forward last year. This is a huge sum but it was recently revealed by Der Spiegel and Football Leaks that the club did actually deny Mbappé certain demands.

The newspaper says Mbappé wanted a contract worth $60 million, which PSG was willing to give, but rejected his request for the use of a private jet at the club’s expense.

Mbappé has since admitted that the money involved in the sport is indecent. “It’s truly indecent for me, who comes from a fairly modest family,” he said to the Swiss television channel RTS, according to “It’s true that it’s indecent but the market is like that.”

Mbappé then said that’s just the way the sport is and he can’t, or won’t, change it: “The world of football works like that. I’m not going to revolutionise football. I’m in a system. You have to know how to respect it and to stay in place.”

Though Mbappé is paid a huge sum of money to play sport, he remains charitable. He received an estimated $500,000 for helping France win the coveted World Cup tournament in the summer, but rather than pocket the cash, he donated it all to a charity that offers sporting opportunities to children who are hospitalized or have disabilities.

Mbappé is currently on international duty with the France team and is in line to feature in the country’s upcoming matches against the Netherlands on Friday and Uruguay on November 20.