LA Rams unveil new helmet and pants in first steps towards uniform change many fans were hoping for

Roman Gabriel wears the Rams old blue and white uniform during his playing days.
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The Los Angeles Rams took the first steps towards a major uniform overhaul, one that had seemingly been hinted at for months.

On Tuesday, the Rams presented fans with two new pants designs, giving them the option to vote on which should be worn next season. While the key difference between the two designs is the number of stripes down the side of the legs (one vs. two), they were more notable for being just white and blue, with the absence of any gold.

Then on Wednesday we got confirmation for the biggest change yet. The team announced they were going back to helmets they wore in the 60s and early 70s, a blue shell with white horns.

Back in October, we noted that the Rams had been dropping some strong hints at this very move. The team had been using blue and white (sans gold) for many of their in-stadium graphics.

Harry How/Getty Images

The blue and white was even used in the end zones.

Ryan Kang/AP

While the team had announced that new uniforms would be introduced for the 2019 season to coincide with their inaugural season in their new stadium, it was unclear what changes would be made. Many fans were hoping for a return to the blue and white uniforms worn during what is referred to as the “Roman Gabriel era,” referring to the former Rams quarterback (see above).

There will be one key difference though. While the Roman Gabriel-era helmet had a grey facemask, the new Rams helmet will have a facemask that is either white or blue. Once again, they are leaving it up to the fans, with early social media responses seemingly favoring the white facemask.

As for the jerseys, it seems we will still have to wait until the 2019 season for those, something confirmed by the Rams to Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch. So for the meantime, we will continue to see the current jerseys which are mostly white and blue, with just a touch of gold on the numbers and the shoulders.

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