Lawyer for Malaysian minister implicated in sex video scandal fires back at accuser: ‘We do not respond to such attention-seeking taunts’

During an interview with The Star, Haziq reiterated it was him and Azmin in the explicit video clips which went viral on WhatsApp.
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The Malaysian minister implicated in a gay sex scandal that has thrown the political scene into turmoil has made clear he will not entertain a challenge posed to him by former civil servant Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz.

In an interview with The Star on 22 June (Saturday), Haziq – who alleged that Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali had engaged in sexual acts with him in a series of leaked videos – challenged the Economic Affairs Minister to take legal action against him.

The former secretary to the Deputy Minister of Primary Industries and Commodities, Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin, also dared Azmin to lodge a police report against him.

“He should do it himself. Let’s have the entire evidence and details in the open,” The Star quoted Haziq as saying.

In response, Azmin’s lawyer shot down Haziq’s challenge as an “attention-seeking taunt”.

In a tweet on Sunday, Lawyer N. Surendran said: “We do not act or respond according to such attention-seeking taunts.”

“All legal responses are done as we see fit, according to our timetable and not imposed by others,” he added.

During the interview with The Star, Haziq reiterated it was him and Azmin in the explicit video clips which went viral on WhatsApp.

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Azmin said in a statement on June 12 that the accusation was “nothing but a nefarious plot to assassinate my reputation and character in an attempt to destroy my political career”,

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad had last week dismissed Haziq’s first confession as “dirty tactics” in politics.

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Even after being sacked from his post, Haziq stood by his confession and told The Star: “I am not a liar. I want the matter to be brought open in the court so that Malaysians can see for themselves the evidence. Malaysians would then be able to see who’s telling the truth.”

Haziq also claimed that Azmin had made wrongful accusations against him and said: “In fact, I am a victim of the situation. If I am defaming him, he has all the right to sue me in a court of law.”

Haziq reportedly told The Star that he initially “did not have anything against Azmin” as he thought that they were both victims in the case.

“I got upset when Hilman tried to silence me and Azmin accused me of being planted by Umno and Barisan Nasional. I never said anything bad about Azmin. He should lodge a police report and sue me if I am defaming him,” he was quoted by The Star as saying.

The Star said that Haziq “appeared calm throughout the interview”, and quoted him as saying that he wanted the truth to be out because he did not want to stay in hiding forever.

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