Lazada, an Alibaba-owned shopping site, is giving customers insane discounts for a week – but it seems only popular people can make full use of it

Lazada Co-President Jing Yin explaining the social-driven Slash It feature at a launch event.

Like discounted stuff? Then you’d better have lots of friends.

Lazada, an Alibaba-owned Southeast Asia online site, just announced it is gamifying the shopping experience in the week leading up to its sales on 9 September, letting people buy products for insane discounts.

“In some instances, customers may pay next to nothing,” the company said in a statement.

But to access these crazy discounts, people will need to get their friends to help. Under the site’s temporary feature, Slash It, customers select a product to slash the price on, then share a special link to social media or a chat app.

The more friends they have willing to click on the link, enter the Lazada site and slash the price of the product, the cheaper it will be for the buyer.

The catch? The product is only cheaper for the person initiating the slashing, and the discount doesn’t extend to those who helped them.

Apart from Slash It, the company also has a Shake It feature, where people shake their phones at certain times of the day to win cash vouchers or discount codes from the Lazada site.

Speaking to Business Insider at the launch of the 9.9 event, Lazada Co-President Jing Yin said that the brand’s motivation for Slash It was the prevalence of social networking for people in Southeast Asia.

“People are not here for the sales alone, but for fun, excitement,” he said. “Social media and social networks are strongly adopted trends in Southeast Asia… that was the inspiration for these features.”