This Malaysian artist’s nostalgic sculptures are tiny as a grain of rice – yet they look incredibly realistic

Attention is paid to the tiniest details in Lim Pui-Wan’s miniatures.

Lim Pui-Wan has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering but she has put her academic qualification aside to be a full-time miniature artist instead.

Inspired by everyday life and growing up in Malaysia, she taught herself the craft after reading a book about miniatures when she was a teenager.

“I really enjoy how the trial and error process brings me the joyfulness of crafting,” she writes on her website, “This passion inspires and drives me.”

Lim adds: “I always believe miniature isn’t merely small, it also brings life to us. I pay close attention to realism and strive to evoke for you a sense of nostalgia through miniature art.”

Despite downsizing everything – a durian is about the size of a coin and sushi pieces can be as tiny as a grain of rice – her nostalgic works always look ultra-realistic.

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Cupboards can be opened and closed, and you can even store items like plates and bowls in them. She also pays attention to the tiniest details – right down to the cobwebs on an iron gate.

She posts her works on Instagram, where she has close to 40,000 followers; and also sells certain pieces online.

Clients from overseas commission special works as well, like one Singaporean who asked for a 1/35 replica of her father’s old school provision shop which was closing down.

Lim says: “There are many ways to help you keep something in mind, through a memo, a voice recorder, or a photo. But miniature is something you can touch and see, to recall your memories.”