LinkedIn says its social network should be working again after suffering an outage, but it might still appear down for some — here’s a trick you can try to get LinkedIn working again

  • LinkedIn faced an outage on Wednesday.
  • LinkedIn confirmed that it was facing some issues to Business Insider, but says it’s now resolved the outage.
  • Some commenters in the Down Detector website have suggested pressing “Control” and the “F5” key at the same time for Windows PCs to fix the issue. The equivalent command for Mac computers is “Cmd” + “Shift” + “R.”

LinkedIn went down on Wednesday, according to our own experience, reports on social media, and internet outage detection website Down Detector.

LinkedIn confirmed the issues to Business Insider and said that the issue has now been resolved.

However, despite LinkedIn’s comforting comment, it can still appear down for some. The company suggested clearing the cache memory, which you can do on Windows PCs by pressing “Control” and the “F5” key at the same time.

The equivalent command for Mac computers is “Cmd” + “Shift” + “R.” The key combination worked for three different colleagues at Business Insider.

Users were reporting LinkedIn serving up as a mostly blank page with the LinkedIn logo and few hyperlinks, like the screenshot below:

linkedin down 7-10-19

Business Insider

From Down Detector’s data, it appeared the downage was most heavily affecting the US and parts of Europe.