Singaporeans have given their approval to “Little Red Bricks”, the stunning and heartbreaking animated tribute to the original National Library

“Little Red Bricks” is an animation that most would be able to relate to.
Facebook/TimeScapes Anthology

Though the old National library was demolished almost 15 years ago in 2004, it will forever live on in the memories of the countless amount of Singaporeans that frequented it over the decades.

Local animation studio Robot Playground have decided to take it one step further by immortalising the National Library in a 15-minute animated short titled “Little Red Bricks” that pays tribute to not only the building itself, but the people as well.

The dialogue-free film traces the life and times of a boy and a girl with the library serving as the stage for the audience to witness their journey.

Without saying much, both literally and figuratively, “Little Red Bricks” manages to both look breathtaking and tell a story that many Singaporeans would be able to connect with.

The stunning visuals only serve to enhance the small details that the animation team must have painstakingly took ages to create.

It is a must-see for anyone, and if you remain unconvinced, maybe these stunning stills might make you change your mind:

Screenshots of the animation.
Facebook/TimeScapes Anthology

Some Singaporeans are responding well to the video as well, with many praising the quality of the video via comments on the video itself.

Many wrote that the video was “beautifully accurate” and that there was “much love evident in (the) attention to all the details that brought it to life”

The video is actually part of a 5-part series, and to watch it, click here.