Police believe they know who the London Attack suspects are

One of the attackers lies mortally wounded on the road at Borough Market last night.
BBC / screengrab

LONDON – Police conducted a raid on a block of flats in Barking, London, on Sunday morning as part of the investigation into the terror attacks on London Bridge and Borough Market last night.

The East London neighbourhood is home to many Muslims and it is common to see women wearing the burka there.

Sky said the raid was on the home of one of the attackers – implying that police already know the identity of at least one of the three terrorists.

Twelve people were arrested in the raid. Locals told Sky that they recognised a neighbour as the suspect who had been killed by police last night. One suspect, seen in the image below, wore a close-cropped beard and wore an Arsenal away football shirt.

Here is the Metropolitan Police’s statement on the arrests this morning.

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