10 people were injured in a south London bus crash

The scene of the crash in Wandsworth, south London.
Maude Grant/Twitter

LONDON – Ten passengers were injured after a double-decker bus crashed in south London.

The crash took place on Lavender Hill in the borough of Wandsworth just before 7 a.m. (BST) on Thursday, according to a police statement.

Two people were trapped on the top deck of the number 77 bus, more than two hours after the incident. They were eventually freed by firefighters.

The driver of the bus was taken to hospital. Other passengers were treated at the scene.

Maude Grant, a nutritionist, posted video on Twitter showing the aftermath of the crash:

Looks like they are stilltrying to get people off the bus on #lavenderhill!!!!pic.twitter.com/diPhqZXief

#lavenderhillpic.twitter.com/diPhqZXiefAugust10, 2017

A statement from Transport for London, which operates buses in the capital, said the crash is being investigated.