Looking for new banknotes for CNY? You can now reserve them online

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It’s 2019 – there’s no need to leave the house and join long queues just to get new banknotes this coming Chinese New Year.

Thanks to the Internet, you can reserve anything online these days. Yes, even money.

On Monday (Jan 14), DBS Bank announced in a statement the opening of its online reservation system this year – made available on both DBS and POSB’s online portals – that allows customers to reserve new notes and “good-as-new” notes.

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Customers only need to log in with their ATM/Debit Cards and PIN at either website.

Both DBS and POSB’s websites show the same set of instructions on how customers can make online reservations for new notes.

And they’d be able to select their preferred collection dates and timings at all full-service branches.

Clicking “Reserve Now” on both DBS and POSB’s websites link to this page, where customers can select their preferred collection location, date and time.

According to both websites, reservation starts from Jan 15 (9am) and ends on Jan 30 while collection begins on Jan 17 and ends on Feb 1.

When making online reservations, customers can choose from denominations of S$2, S$10 and S$50, DBS said in its statement.

More than 40 pop-up ATMs islandwide

There are 42 pop-up ATMs that dispense new notes for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

There’s also another way to get your hands on new banknotes for the Lunar New Year – through pop-up ATMs islandwide.

From Jan 15 to Feb 4, DBS/POSB customers can withdraw new notes and “good-as-new” notes at any of the 42 temporary ATMs which are installed in 20 community clubs across the island.

Customers will be able to withdraw new notes in sums of $100 ($2 x 50), $300 ($10 x 30), $500 ($50 x 10) and $600 ($10 x 20 and $50 x 8), reducing the need for multiple transactions.

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These ATMs will be available 24/7, apart from the ones in Chong Pang and Teck Ghee, which will be available only from 9am to 9.30pm daily, the bank said.

POSB has been partnering People’s Association (PA) since 2015 to provide this yearly service, making it the first bank in Singapore to provide new notes pop-up ATMs.

In 2018, there were six less ATMs introduced and more than 160,000 customers have used them, with the majority getting their notes outside of banking hours or over weekends, DBS said.