Love, Bonito is introducing a new retail concept with its first flagship store – here’s a look at its most unique features

Love, Bonito’s first flagship store in Singapore at 313@Somerset.
Business Insider / Jessica Lin

Singapore fashion e-tailer Love, Bonito is marking a major milestone this weekend with the opening of its first local flagship store on Saturday (Nov 4), after operating mainly online for the past seven years.

Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer Rachel Lim had earlier told Business Insider that the decision to launch a permanent physical retail space comes after six years of testing the market with pop-up stores.

“A lot of people say that retail is dead. But for us, boring, traditional and mediocre retail is (what’s) dead. What we really want to bring across with the flagship store is the whole Love, Bonito experience,” she said.

She also said: “What we want is to create a space where we are able to connect with our customers in a unique and meaningful way.”

Unlike the usual retail store, Love, Bonito’s new physical space is geared at bringing its customers together for workshops and talks. It will also have staff trained in styling to help shoppers decide which clothes best fit their body-types.

We went inside the Love, Bonito shop for a sneak peak before it officially opens its doors and found that the entire store was centred on the ideas of community and finding the perfect fit for Asian women.

Here’s a first look at the store’s most unique features:

The Love, Bonito store sits on the second floor of 313@Somerset, a 4,603 sq ft space that Forever 21 used to occupy.The space has a minimalist design, with large spaces between the rows of women’s clothing.The store is big on flowers, with vases of fresh flowers providing pops of colour at various corners.Some displays are also arranged as flat-lays – something that will appeal to Love, Bonito’s Instagram-savvy customer base.Another thing the store is big on is the display of statements that reinforce the idea of helping women find the perfect fit. This one says: “Inspiring women to dress well & right”.This LED message on the wall is meant to inspire women to be more confident.There’s also a pinboard for customers to leave feedback and messages on.The store’s clothes are sorted by theme. This rack is for clothes meant for a night out in town.There’s also a casual wear section…An essential wear section…And a whole area dedicated to the brand’s bridesmaid dress collection.

Love, Bonito is also launching a new capsule collection exclusive to the store.The new collection will feature new pieces every month. A “pink room” with a dried flower wall and natural sunlight will allow shoppers to snap Instagram-worthy photos in their new outfits.The space will also see special events such as styling workshops and talks being held.Love, Bonito is also selling its collection of fashion accessories…… as well as inspirational notebooks and other mementos.One of the store’s most unique features is a fitting room which includes a sort of double-room that allows girlfriends to try on clothes together. A blind which separates the two rooms can be raised so friends can see each other’s outfits without stepping out of the fitting room.Love, Bonito’s founders Rachel Lim (left) and Viola Tan said that the store will be “community-centric” and be an additional touchpoint for them to reach out to new customers.