M1 and SG Bike’s smarter shared bike geostations help you find rides easily – and penalise those who don’t return bikes

With M1 and SG Bike’s new initiative, indiscriminate parking of shared bicycles would likely be a thing of the past.
The Straits Times

Telco M1 and local bike sharing company SG Bike initiated a partnership on Monday (Feb 26) to combat indiscriminate parking of shared bicycles using enhanced geostation technology.

A joint media release statement said the collaboration will see the use of Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network to further enhance SG Bike’s geostation technology – first introduced in August 2017 – to track and retrieve bicycles not parked in designated bicycle parking zones.

Most bike-sharing companies currently utilise geo-fencing technologies that involve the delineation of virtual geographical boundaries using GPS coordinates.

SG Bike’s geostation technology, which uses radio-frequency identification (RFID), would enable greater accuracy and control over indiscriminate parking.

As shared bicycle users take advantage of accurate data that reveal bicycle location and availability, SG Bike can better manage and respond to indiscriminately parked bicycles.

The use of such technology would also spur responsible bike-sharing behaviour.

Currently, a grace period of 15 minutes is granted to SG Bike users who fail to return bicycles to designated geostations before being penalised.

With geostation technology ensuring that bicycles are picked up and returned at specific areas, it will be easier for users to find bicycles at parking places.

Mr Alex Tan, M1’s chief innovation officer, said: “As a leading IoT service provider, we look forward to support SG Bike with the implementation of an efficient IoT solution nationwide to enhance the aesthetics of the city, as well as the safety and well-being of our communities.”

He also said that the movement would advance the cause of turning Singapore into a “car-lite” society.

At the moment, 1,300 geostations have already been installed nationwide.