Malaysian parents are naming their babies ‘Tun’ and ‘Mahathir’ after the country’s current political leader

The names ‘Tun’ and ‘Mahathir’ are popular thanks to the current political climate.

Malaysian Prime Minster Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad is now a source of inspiration for parents looking to name their babies.

The names ‘Tun’ and ‘Mahathir’ are extremely popular, with 4,726 people named Tun and 420 named Mahathir, according to the country’s National Registration Department (NRD).

NRD deputy director-general Jasri Kasim told the New Straits Times that baby names are often influenced by current events.

“If the baby is born when the country’s political climate is hot, then names of political leaders would be popular, similar to a child born during the World Cup,” he said.

But the NRD added that the name ‘Tun’ is now limited to those with Tun lineage. Previously, anyone could choose it.

Other popular names include Malaysia (129 people) and Merdeka (102), as well as the Malaysian states of Sabah (176), Johor (163), Perak (130) and Melaka (91).

There’s also one person named after Penang.