Malaysian teen finds 3 metre python in her bed, after waking up to ‘something soft’ on her neck

The teenager quickly jumped out of bed when she felt the snake’s tongue on her neck – she turned on the lights and saw the python on her bed.
Facebook / Puan FZia

A teenager in Malaysia had a rude awakening on Wednesday morning (20 March), when she woke up to find a 3-metre-long python coiled around her neck, The Star has reported.

18-year-old Nor Alia Aqilla Jamaluddin, who lives in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, was quoted as saying that she had woken up at about 3am, but did not notice anything then.

But an hour later, she was rudely awakened by an uninvited guest in her bed. “I felt something soft on my neck. In the dark, I saw the snake’s head and felt its tongue on my neck,” she was quoted as saying in an interview with The Star.

“I quickly jumped out of bed and turned on the lights. To my horror, I saw the animal on my bed,” she added.

Nor Alia then woke her aunt, Nor Elida Khaidir, 27, and her two cousins, who called for help. They then waited together outside the house.

According to The Star, it took four men to capture the python, which was hiding under the bed. The reptile weighed 26kg and was 3.3m long, reported The Star.

Photos posted on Facebook by netizen Puan ZFia supposedly show the snake being taken away by the Fire and Rescue Department.

The teen said that she was puzzled as to how the snake could have gotten into the 14th storey apartment without being detected, reported The Star Online.

It is not uncommon for snakes to leave their natural habitats during hot weather to look for cooler areas. In January this year, a heatwave in Australia also caused a spike in sightings of snakes in residential toilets.

It remains unclear if the snake that crept into Nor Alia’s bed came from outside or within the building.

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