Malaysians flare up over Dua Lipa’s use of word ‘babi’ on Instagram – and it’s embarrassing

Dua Lipa has come under fire from Malaysian Instagram users who were offended by her use of the word “babi” on the social media platform.
Facebook/Dua Lipa

British-Albanian pop singer Dua Lipa made a slight tweak to one of her Instagram posts after being ridiculed by Malaysians for her use of the word “babi”.

Lipa posted on Monday (Mar 5) a birthday message to her father, originally writing “Happy birthday babi” with a throwback photo of both of them, reported the New Straits Times, citing entertainment portal Oh Bulan.

In Albanian, the word “babi” means “father”.

However, her well-meaning wishes quickly earned the ire and mockery of Malaysian social media users as the word “babi” means “pig” in Bahasa Malaysia.

Lipa promptly edited the caption of the post to “Happy Birthday dad” in response to the outrage.

Other Malaysians stepped in to denounce her online attackers, urging her not to change the way she addressed her father, according to The Star Online.

“You should not change the way you called your dad in the caption @dualipa! It’s your right, I’m so embarrassed to be Malaysian now,” said Instagram user @nnblhzpr.

The Malay Mail reported that some fans feared Lipa’s reconsideration of bringing her Self-Titled Tour to Kualar Lumpur on May 3 given the controversy.

User @onethousandyears wrote: “On behalf of some Malaysians’ immature acts, I sincerely apologise to you Dua. I hope this will not change your mind to perform in Malaysia.”

“She got attacked for speaking and addressing in her own language. Malaysians need to chill,” added user @iamkhairuddin.

The singer’s record label has confirmed there is no change to her scheduled appearance at the KL Live indoor venue.