Malaysia’s employment act could soon be changed after some hotels banned headscarfs


A proposal to amend Malaysia’s Employment Act 1955 could soon wipe out discriminatory practices in companies here.

The proposed amendment comes after news of hotels in Malaysia prohibiting headscarves on its female frontline employees.

According to Human Resources Online, the Labour Department of Peninsular Malaysia found via its inspections that 13 out of 74 four-and-five-star hotels imposed a no-headscarf policy for frontline staff.

A discussion between related agencies was then held to discuss the issue of discrimination in December last year.

The Human Resources Ministry reportedly told Malay Mail the amendment will allow the Labour director-general to inquire into employees’ complaints of all types of discrimination.

The news portal quoted the authority as saying: “This proposed new provision on prohibition thus relates to prohibition against any form of discrimination in employment by an employer.”