Malia Obama is officially going to Harvard

Malia Obama
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

After months of rampant speculation, The White House announced the Malia Obama has chosen to attend Harvard University.

The high school senior at Sidwell Friends School will take a gap year after she graduates, according to a statement from the East Wing. She will begin her freshman year at Harvard in the fall of 2017, graduating with the class of 2021.

She sparked rumors about her college choices after she went on a tour of the Ivies, Stanford and NYU last year.

Many believed that demonstrated her interest in film studies and an internship in New York City on the set of HBO’s “Girls,” would lead her to choose NYU, which has a top-ranked film program.

Other top guesses were first lady Michelle Obama’s alma mater of Princeton University or President Obama’s undergraduate institution Columbia University.

Her pick, however, still connects her to her parents, both of whom attended Harvard Law School.