Man arrested in Hong Kong for shoving woman onto train track – for no known reason at all

Passengers standing on train platforms are usually advised to stand clear of incoming trains.

Unfortunately, one woman didn’t see anything coming for her – quite literally – when she fell onto a train track in Hong Kong on Saturday morning (Oct 21).

And that’s because it was a man who had shoved the 59-year-old cleaner from behind – for no apparent reason at all.

The incident occurred at a train station in the town of Yuen Long, said the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The man is seen in a now-viral CCTV video footage approaching the train station employee from behind at Yuen Long terminal.

The video, which was uploaded onto Facebook, has since garnered over 96,000 views.

Once the woman, surnamed Leung, stops to chat with an acquaintance on the opposite side of the platform, the 56-year-old man suddenly reaches out his right hand and pushes her onto the rail track.

He then calmly walks away without looking back. Thankfully, there was no train coming through at that time.

A police spokesperson told SCMP that the victim “suffered injuries to her jaw” and was sent to Pok Oi Hospital for further checks.

The man, who is understood to hold a Hong Kong identity card, has since been arrested.

Police also said a criminal investigation was launched against him.