Man tattoos face of Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang on his leg for a free phone

Tan with a tattoo in his likeness
Facebook/Matt Connelly, The Straits Times

How far would you go to get a Razer phone for free?

For one man in Ohio, it meant tattooing the face of Razer’s Singaporean CEO Tan Min-Liang on his leg.

Matt Connelly, 28, had commented on Tan’s Facebook post in November, asking if he could get the highly-anticipated gaming smartphone for free in exchange for the tattoo of Tan’s face.

Surprisingly, Tan sportingly agreed.

He wrote: “Lol sure – permanent tattoo and I’ll be sure to sign the box when it’s out!”

With that promise, Connelly went ahead and got the ink done. He even had a name for the piece – ‘The TerMINator’ – which explains the sunglasses Tan sports in the tattoo.

On Dec 3, Connelly shared a photo of the ink he got across his calf on Tan’s Facebook page:

Screenshot of Facebook post by Matt Connelly

Tan followed up on Dec 6 by posting their little exchange in a Facebook post, writing: “The Razer Phone has been sold out constantly due to the insane demand and we’ve been doing everything to keep it in stock….but there are those who would go to all extents to get a Razer Phone and Matt C has taken it to an all new level – by tattooing my face on himself.

“Congrats Matt – well played.”

Connelly told Channel NewsAsia that he is in correspondence with a Razer employee about his new phone. The report also confirmed that the company would be sending over a brand new Razer phone, signed by Tan.

An up-close look at Razer’s first smartphone:

The Straits Times

Spurred by Connelly’s achievement, other netizens have also been trying their luck:

And making other offers:

While some thought Connelly had sold himself short:

Whatever it is, we’re guessing this is a one-time-only offer. We can only hope it’s worth it.