Many Singaporeans are looking for 2019 holiday destinations that can make them feel like kids again, a travel trends report says

More properties are expected to to add features like ball pits and bouncy castles for adults to attract travellers, according to a survey.

Thinking about where to go next year?

Travel reservation platform surveyed 21,500 respondents from 29 countries – including 500 from Singapore – to come up with a list of 2019’s top eight travel trends.

The survey respondents had either travelled recently, or planned to travel in the coming year.

Here’s what came out tops for Singapore:

Travelling to forget responsibilities


Nearly 40 per cent of Singapore respondents said they wanted to travel to a place that “made them feel like a child again” and “help to ease the burden of stressful adult life”, said, adding that these travellers were mostly millennials and Gen Z-ers.

The company added that it expects more properties to add features like ball pits and bouncy castles for adults to appeal to this audience.

Travelling to learn soft skills


With many employers looking to hire graduates with experiences outside of school life, a large number of younger travellers are expected to take “skills-based vacations” to pick up soft skills while on holiday, said.

Nearly 80 per cent of Singaporean respondents said they would participate in a cultural exchange, while nearly 70 per cent wanted to go on a volunteering trip. About 65 per cent of respondents said they would consider an international work placement.

The company added that in particular, those from Generation Z were “increasingly (scrutinising) the value of expensive college degrees” and comparing them to the “life skills and practical learning” gained from travelling.

Conscious Travel

About half of all survey respondents said they would consider the social implications of visiting a destination before deciding whether to go there. If their visit would negatively impact the community, 52 per cent said they would opt for other destinations, said.

Nearly 90 per cent of those surveyed said they would spend time on activities to offset the environmental impact of their stay, such as clearing litter.

Millennials and Gen Z travellers in particular looked for these sustainable experiences, the company said, adding that accommodation providers were starting to reduce plastic usage and boost their sustainability credentials to appeal to this audience.

More weekend trips


Nearly half of the Singaporean travellers said they planned to take more weekend trips in 2019 to make the most of their time. added that people were curating tighter travel itineraries that could be squeezed into shorter holidays.

Staying in cool accommodations

More travellers wanted to stay in “unique and remarkable types of accommodation” to make the most of short holidays, with almost 60 per cent of Singaporeans surveyed saying they wanted to stay under the sea.

Forty per cent of those surveyed added that when space travel became available, they wanted to stay in accommodations in outer space.

Travelling for Pride parades

Nearly 20 per cent of respondents said they planned to travel to participate in a pride festival in 2019. This trend was slightly more pronounced among millennials, with 30 per cent planning to travel for the experience of participating in a pride festival next year.

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