Facebook exec says he always gets stopped by security when he’s wearing a suit

Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made famous what many now think of as a kind of Silicon Valley “uniform,” as he consistently rocks a plain hoodie paired with a T-shirt and jeans, even at important events.

A funny anecdote in a New York Times profile of Facebook exec Matt Jacobson reveals that the ensuing stereotype about the Facebook dress code is still kicking.

Jacobson, who lives in LA, acts as the tech company’s connection to Hollywood. A handful of entertainment industry bigwigs sing his praises, including the CEO of Sony Entertainment, Michael Lynton, who called him the “Rosetta stone between the way Hollywood thinks, and the way Silicon Valley thinks.”

He’s also a sharp dresser who prefers nice suits to unicolor hoodies.

Jacobson told The Times’ Nick Bilton that his age and his outfits make him stand out like a sore thumb on Facebook’s campus:

“I get stopped by security all the time because they think I am a visitor,” he says. “Security will come up to me, ask to see my visitor’s badge, and say, ‘Who are you?'”

As Facebook employee No. 8, he also had to deal with an engineer-heavy staff in the early days who didn’t take kindly to his frequent phone calls.

“I was told by our early engineers, ‘You can’t use the phone here. It’s too disruptive,'” he says. “So I had to do most of my phone calls on the roof.”

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