MBS, Petronas Towers and Parkroyal on Pickering among world’s 50 tallest, most influential buildings

Aren’t we proud.
Facebook/Marina Bay Sands

Two Singapore hotels and a Malaysian skyscraper have been named among the world’s most influential tall buildings in the past half century.

The list was unveiled on Tuesday (Oct 8) by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), a US-headquartered organisation researching the design and engineering of tall buildings and future cities.

CTBUH said the buildings were selected for how much they had enhanced the cities they were located in, and their influence on tall building design.

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Names were then submitted by members of the organisation’s constituency, including architecture, financial and engineering firms and universities worldwide.

Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands and green hotel Parkroyal on Pickering were chosen, as was Malaysia’s Petronas Towers.

Other buildings on the list included The Shard, the Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101, Shanghai Tower, Lotte World Tower, and the CCTV headquarters in Beijing.

Here’s what the CTBUH said about each of the three buildings:

“Marina Bay Sands is now an indelible icon of the city-state… the success of the project has inspired similar, and even larger, multi-tower, horizontally-connected ‘mini-cities’ in other cities.”

Built in 2010 as part of plans to develop Marina Bay, MBS features three hotel towers topped with a skypark, where its iconic infinity pool is located. The hotel is linked to pedestrian walkways around the area.
Facebook/Marina Bay Sands

“Parkroyal on Pickering [draws] inspiration from terraformed landscapes such as rice paddies, creating dramatic outdoor plazas and gardens that flow seamlessly into the interiors… showing that, even as our cities become taller and denser, we do not have to lose our green spaces.”

The hotel’s landscaping is double its land space, with contoured podiums featuring planted valleys, gullies and waterfalls. Built in 2013, it aims to reflect the greenery from nearby Hong Lim Park.
WOHA Architects

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“The twin towers of Petronas held the crown of ‘world’s tallest building’ for six years, raising the profile of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Asia itself as an innovative region for skyscraper development.”

A two-level skybridge connects the towers at the 170-metre mark. It can also be used to escape to the next tower during an emergency.

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