We taste-tested McDonald’s new Nasi Lemak burger — here’s the verdict

Who would’ve thought that our quintessential local dish, Nasi Lemak, could actually be turned into a burger?

What’s even more surprising is that it was fast food giant McDonald’s that took it upon themselves to come up with their own version of a Nasi Lemak burger.

The brand new series of locally-inspired food items includes the Nasi Lemak Burger, Bandung McFizz as well as a range of chendol and pandan-flavoured desserts.

Commonly eaten for breakfast, Nasi Lemak is a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and it’s usually accompanied with a range of side dishes such as fried egg, cucumber, ikan bilis and most importantly – some spicy sambal chilli.

So imagine our doubt when we heard about McDonald’s new item.

What could be better than our regular McChicken sandwich and iced Milo?

We took matters into our own hands and tried it for ourselves Thursday.

Keep scrolling to find the results.

We purchased the bundle set ($9), which comprises the Nasi Lemak burger (of course), coconut pie, Bandung McFizz and french fries (which can be upsized to the criss-cut fries option).

Here’s a comparison of how big the burger is in real life, as compared to a regular sachet of garlic chilli sauce. Yes, it’s pretty decent in size – something we weren’t expecting.

Here’s a closer look. By this time, we were beginning to feel a teeny bit hopeful. Could it actually taste good? The smell had already begun to tingle our taste buds.

Juicy coconut-flavoured chicken patty? Check. Fried egg? Check. Cucumber slices? Check. Caramelised onions? Check. Oh and all these were served between semolina buns – not the basic sesame seed burger buns.

The verdict for just this burger alone? We’re absolutely digging it.

We went into the test filled with scepticism. Little did we expect to be mind-blown by how the burger could taste just like a dish of, well, Nasi Lemak. Consider us sold.

Most of us at the taste test enjoyed coconut-flavoured desserts, except for one. But this coconut pie might have changed her perspective on all coconut-y sweets.

The coconut filling was warm and silky-smooth. So good that it managed to win over a non-fan of coconut-flavoured food.


We also tried the Chendol McFlurry ($3) and Bandung McFizz.

Once again, the ice-cream exceeded our expectations and was actually pretty good. There was a generous amount of gula melaka sauce and bits of coconut shavings. It’s a tad sweet but still enjoyable on the whole.

This was supposed to taste like Bandung, a rose syrup drink enjoyed by locals. But it barely tasted like the real deal. It was like drinking a cup of pink-hued Sprite. We say – skip this drink.

McDonald’s, you’re doing something right this time. We’ll put the tragic episodes involving truffle fries and salted egg burgers behind us. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to even more fancy creations.