McDonald’s Singapore just did the unthinkable by adding healthy red rice porridge to its menu

McDonald’s Singapore’s new breakfast item is surprisingly healthy.
McDonald’s Singapore

When someone asks you out to have a McDonald’s breakfast, surely you’d be thinking of hash browns and hotcakes, right?

From this day forward, you will be able to consider a new kind of option at McDonald’s outlets in Singapore – and it’s a really healthy one at that too.

McDonalds’s Singapore has in the past expanded its range of healthier options with salads and wholegrain muffins, so it’s not an idea that fans are alien to.

But this time, the fast food chain is taking things to a whole new level with the launch of its new red rice porridge breakfast item.

Priced at S$3.40, the new item was created by Singapore chef Anna Lim, who is the “Souperchef” behind The Soup Spoon.

According to McDonald’s, its new item is made of sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, bean curd, corn, goji berries and red rice, which is a type of wholegrain known for its unique colour and nutty flavour.

The new item contains sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, bean curd, corn, goji berries and red rice
McDonald’s Singapore

It will be a permanent item on the breakfast menu, offering a low-fat, 150-calorie option to appeal to health conscious fans who wouldn’t usually consider stepping into McDonald’s for breakfast.

Lim said in a statement that she got to know more about red rice as an ingredient during a trip to Bhutan.

“I was inspired to create a fusion recipe using this nutritious wholegrain and my love for porridge, a familiar hawker fare that many Singaporeans enjoy for breakfast,” she said.

Red rice has at least 20% more zinc and iron than brown rice, a dietitian said.
McDonald’s Singapore

Jaclyn Reutens, a dietitian at Aptima Nutrition & Sports Consultants, said: “While all wholegrains are good for you, red rice does have at least 20% more zinc and iron compared to brown rice – both of which are essential for boosting the body’s immune system and are important components of many enzymes.”

Die-hard fast food fans might cringe at the idea of having red rice porridge at the fast food restaurant, but the results may actually surprise you.

While Business Insider hasn’t had the chance to taste the new red rice porridge yet, the item has earned some very positive reviews on social media in the short time it has been made available today.

New Mac breakfast item.. ok la not too bad, got taste can liao #redriceporridge

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It has been long since porridge last popped up in McDonald’s (remember the chicken porridge in the early 2000s?), the fast food chain is taking a bold step by having a tricky dish – red rice porridge on the menu, which is a Singapore-exclusive item. • • The porridge is more of watered-down version with a tasty stock. (The Soup Spoon co-developed this dish) The nutty grains are cooked in an umami dried shiitake mushroom and ginger stock. And the texture’s kept exciting with tofu cubes, goji berries, red dates and corn. • • Unlike the chocolate pie which disappeared without warning, the red rice porridge is a permanent breakfast item. Especially good when you have had one too many hashbrowns for breakfast. • • • #sgfood #sgfoodie #porridge #redrice #mcdsg #mcdonalds #whati8today #redriceporridge

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So will this be a yay or nay? It’s probably too early to tell.

But it’ll be interesting to see what other healthy local breakfast options McDonald’s can come up with in future. Quinoa nasi lemak and rye flour youtiao, anyone?