Meet CARROT Weather, the app that abuses you when all you want to know is what’s the weather outside

CARROT Weather is an app that banters with users while they check the weather.

Ever wanted to know the weather forecast while getting verbally and emotionally abused by a robot at the same time? No? Too bad.

But if your answer is yes, then you might want to download the CARROT Weather app, available for both IOS and Android systems.

It functions basically like any other weather forecasting app and you can choose between two data sources, Weather Underground and Dark Sky.

The main interface you will be greeted with when you first enter the app.
CARROT Weather

Unfortunately, that is also where the similarity ends because no other weather app has a smarmy Artificial Intelligence robot named CARROT delivering the information in a sarcastic tone.

Based on the customisable level of CARROT’s personality, you can choose between “Friendly” and “Overkill” to decide how rude you want the app to be.

The personalities you can choose.
CARROT Weather

“Overkill” is just laden with profanity, but when using other options beside “Friendly”, be expected to be called “dim-witted” and mocked for having “sausage fingers” and a “frail body”.

The Android version is still in the developmental phase, and both versions require additional payments to unlock Premium mode where you have access to more features and no in-app advertisements.