Meet the man whose Tinder date got stuck after throwing her poop out the window

British postgraduate student Liam Smyth spoke to the BBC about how his Tinder date went so, so wrong.
BBC News

If you think you’ve had crappy dates, here’s one to top all crappy dates.

It involves a Tinder date, poop, and someone getting stuck in a window.

It’s not only a true story, but now the man who first told the world about his unfortunate date, through an online appeal which went viral, has shown himself.

In a Facebook video on Wednesday evening, the BBC got British postgraduate student Liam Smyth to go on camera and briefly narrate what happened that fateful day.

Here’s the clip:

In a nutshell, here’s what happened:

All was going well for Smyth and his Tinder date in early August until the pair went back to his apartment for a bottle of win and to watch a documentary, reported the BBC.

While they were there, his date needed to use the bathroom for a No.2 but when she was done, she found that she could not flush the toilet.

That was when everything went pear-shaped.

In a panic, the girl scooped out her poop, wrapped it in a piece of tissue and tried to throw it out the window.

The problem was, the window didn’t open to the outside garden but instead to an air gap between the window and another pane of glass on the other side.

So her piece of turd got stuck on the ledge below and that was when she decided to come clean and confess to Smyth what she had done.

Smyth thought a hammer that could break the glass would do the job but his date, who was an amateur gymnast, suggested that she retrieve her stool herself by diving in head-first into the air gap.

All went well and she managed to bag it up and hand it over to Smyth, except that she had gotten stuck despite Smyth’s attempts to pull her out.

Long story short, the fire brigade had to be called in and she was rescued 15 minutes later after they smashed the window using a hammer and other tools.

Even the firemen thought the incident was quirky enough to Tweet about it.

The story came to light after Smyth turned to crowdfunding page GoFundMe to raise more than $390 (S$530) to replace the window which was smashed in the daring rescue.

In his post, where he recounted the entire story with photographs, Smyth said: “If the window is not replaced, my landlord may well kill me, so you would be literally helping to save a life.”

He also pledged to split any excess funds raised and to donate it to two charities. He has since raised more than 10 times the amount ($3,238 as of Sep 7 morning)

In an update, he said: “I never expected this campaign to get this big. This has been great for the charities, but it hasn’t been so great for me personally.”

“I now need to concentrate on my university studies, which have been poorly neglected over the last day. Thanks again, Liam x.”

Word of advice: Make sure your toilet’s working properly before you invite a date over.