Milo drinks will now come with paper straws instead of plastic

Nestle said the switch will save 40 million plastic straws from being thrown away.
Nestle Malaysia

Goodbye, bendy green straw.

From December, beloved childhood favorite Milo will sell its 125ml packet drinks with paper straws instead of plastic, in a bid to be environmentally friendly.

This will save some 40 million plastic straws from being thrown away, Nestle Malaysia said on Friday (Sept 20).

Nestle claims to be the country’s first company to sell packet drinks with paper straws.

The company’s business executive officer Ng Su Yen said that the new straws will be made of a high-quality paper that does not pose safety risks to consumers.

The packet milo produced in Malaysia for the Singapore market will also carry the new straws.

Nestle added that it plans to eliminate over 160 million more plastic straws a year by switching to paper straws for all its  milo UHT products in the future.

This is part of the company’s move to make all its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025, it added.

Nestle Malaysia CEO Juan Aranols said that mitigating climate change was a priority for the company.

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