Milo just dropped a new flavour and it’s perfect for health nuts

Say hello to Milo’s newest flavour that promises the same chocolate taste with 50% less sugar.
Business Insider/Joey Lee

Did you know, that at the current rate of sugar Singaporeans are consuming, one out of every three of us will be afflicted with diabetes within our lifetime?

That’s a frightening prospect to take in, but sometimes we just can’t help avoiding all the sugar sneakily hiding in our food and drinks.

Enter Milo, the iconic chocolate beverage brand, which has released its newest formula targeted towards adults – Milo Gao Siew Dai.

Inspired by our kopitiams, the people at Milo have promised that their drink will have a stronger chocolate taste (gao) and be less sweet (siew dai).

Debuting in the Singapore market at $6.50 for 15 sachets, this product is catered to our local taste buds but with 50% less table sugar and 30% more protein in each serving.

In development since the last quarter of 2016, Milo embarked on this project in tandem with the Health Promotion Board’s aim to reduce sugar intake among Singaporeans, and Nestle’s global 2020 commitment to reduce sugar in its products.

Together with the unveiling of their newest product, Milo has announced that their newest brand ambassador is none other than Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling.

The 22-year old swimmer skyped in from Texas this morning to talk about the drink he grew up drinking.

“Like many Singaporeans who are increasingly health-conscious, I too am concerned about my sugar intake and while I allow myself the occasional indulgence, I always try to keep to a balanced nutritious diet without consuming too much sugar most of the time,” he said.

Stay tuned to this space for our review of how the Milo Gao Siew Dai fares against other Milo variants.