Milo sent a truckload full of the chocolatey drink to a pregnant Malaysian woman whose in-laws chased down a Milo truck to satisfy her cravings

Natasya Rose Nizam said that she had been waiting for almost six months to taste the drink, and particularly craved the one served by Milo trucks.
Twitter / AzmerMerzam

A Milo fan received the gift of a lifetime after a viral video proved her love for the drink.

Malaysian Natasya Rose Nizam, who is eight months pregnant, was surprised with a Milo truck of her own on Wednesday (May 1) after a video of her in-laws chasing after one was shared online.

According to Malay Mail, Natasya’s parents-in-law chased after a Milo truck on a Kuantan highway because they knew that their daughter-in-law craved for the chocolate malt drink – especially the one from Milo trucks that often only appear at sporting events.

However, when the truck finally pulled over, the couple was told by the driver that there was no supply of Milo onboard that could be served, Malay Mail said.

Touched by his parents’ gesture, Natasya’s husband Muhammad Azmer Mohd Badrul Merzam uploaded the video of the heartwarming chase on Twitter on Monday (April 28).

The video has since gained more than 622,000 views and 43,000 retweets.

Translated by Malay Mail, Azmer said in his tweet: “She has Milo every single day and she has drunk every kind except the one that comes from the (truck).”

Azmer told The Star: “Usually we would just make the drink at home, but the taste of Milo is a little bit different and more tasty from the Milo truck.”

He also added that Natasya was not in the car at that time. Only his parents and sister, who filmed the video, were present during the chase.

The disappointment of not obtaining the goods didn’t last long as Nestlé Products Sdn Bhd paid the soon-to-be mother a visit at her house in Bandar Indera Mahkota, Kuantan, New Straits Times reported.

Explaining that she had been waiting for almost six months to taste the drink, Natasya told New Straits Times: “I just love to consume Milo drinks, and have tasted the ones sold in shops, restaurants and convenience stores. But I craved the one served by the Milo trucks.”

Natasya added: “The Milo certainly has a different taste and brings back memories of the past, when the drink used to be served during my school days.”

According to The Star, Natasya had five cups of Milo that day.

Also present during the surprise was the driver of the Milo van whom Natasya’s in-laws had chased down in the viral video, The Star reported.

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