You may never see a worse own goal than Minnesota United’s goalie throwing the ball into his own net

Ryan Shaver/Twitter

Minnesota United is a second-division North American Soccer League soccer team that will move up to MLS next season. On Wednesday night, it played Bournemouth, an English Premier League team enjoying an American summer soccer tour.

Minnesota lost, 4-0, and one play in particular stands out. Hyperbole aside, this may just be the worst sports highlight of the year.

In the 23rd minute, Minnesota goalie Sammy Ndjock corralled the ball in the box and went to throw it into the field of play. Instead, he threw it into his own net for an own goal (via @RShaverSports).

Hey @espn — maybe a nominee for”Not Top 10.”, 2016

We’ve all been there, in one way or another.