Miss Universe Vietnam’s humble background has been revealed – but that’s not the only reason she’s charming the Internet

In a video posted on Facebook page Sash Factor Vietnam, Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Nie paid fellow villagers a visit and even distributed food to some of them.
Facebook screenshot / Sash Factor Vietnam

Despite being a beauty queen, Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Nie is unafraid to show the world that her life is not all glitz and glamour.

On Dec 8, a video posted on Facebook page Sash Factor Vietnam showed the 26-year-old model paying a visit to the rural village where she is from.

Hailing from an ethnic minority group in Vietnam that make up approximately 5 per cent of the population, Nie – who finished in the top five of the Miss Universe 2018 competition on Dec 17 – is the first ethnic minority to win the title of Miss Vietnam, Cosmopolitan reported.

The video, which has moved many people from around the world, is now spreading like wildfire on Facebook, and has garnered over 7 million views.

In the video, H’Hen Nie seemed like she was absolutely in her element as she went about her daily life dressed in plain, ordinary-looking clothing with a cap on her head – a huge but refreshing contrast from her outfits on stage.

The video started off with Nie squatting on the floor, singing the praises of a simple, home-cooked meal.

Facebook screenshot / Sash Factor Vietnam

Nie then carried a basket filled with food on her back, and set off on a motorbike. She even helped a fallen biker push his vehicle along a bumpy road.

Facebook screenshot / Sash Factor Vietnam

She then made stops to interact with villagers young and old, and even distributed food to some of them.

Facebook screenshot / Sash Factor Vietnam

And that’s not all the kind deeds she’s done. After the pageant, the beauty queen donated her US$10,000 prize money to less-privileged children to help them with education costs.

Facebook screenshot / Sash Factor Vietnam

According to Cosmopolitan, Nie’s parents had asked her to find a husband and get married according to tradition when she turned 14. But the ambitious young woman refused and instead, moved to Ho Chi Minh city.

To fund her education, she even worked as a nanny and domestic helper at one point.

Her humble background is probably where she got her well-loved down-to-earth personality from.

Nie also won hearts when she broke beauty standards with her tanned skin and pixie haircut. In the final stages of the pageant, she even strayed from the norm of long gowns and short dresses, and rocked a pair of pants.

Also, at one point, fans were angered when her response during the question segment of the show was inaccurately translated. But Nie handled the situation compassionately, urging her fans to thank the interpreter instead of criticising her.

Criticsed for her English speaking skills

But what charmed almost everyone the most though, was how she calmly dealt with criticism and drama.

The American contestant for this year’s Miss Universe, Sarah Rose Summers, was slammed online for allegedly poking fun at Nie and Miss Universe Cambodia Rern Sinat’s English speaking skills in an Instagram Live video on Dec 13.

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But instead of fighting back, Nie handled it with utmost class. She told CNN that Summers “didn’t mean anything” by it.

Everyone in this competition, myself included, loves and respects one another,” she was quoted as saying, adding that Summers had been particularly supportive and helpful to her.

“When she knew about my difficulties with (the English) language, she took an interest and showed me love. That’s why she knows about that. Thank you Miss USA for taking care of me, showing me love and helping me recently,” she told CNN.

Many TV shows and movies give the impression that a beauty pageant is made up of petty and small-minded women, but it seems like Miss Universe Vietnam has broken that stereotype.

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