NARS has launched a phallic-inspired ad campaign for its new lipstick range, and the videos are almost NSFW

The ads are to promote NARS'

The ads are to promote NARS’ “After Hours” lipstick collection.
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  • NARS has launched its latest lipstick range with a risqué campaign.
  • The “After Hours” collection is being advertised with videos showing the lipsticks melting backwards – but they resemble a specific part of the male anatomy.
  • Reaction to the undeniably phallic ads has been mixed, but Chrissy Teigen is a fan. She tweeted saying she wanted to get one of the lipsticks.
  • It’s not the brand’s first grown-up range, though – NARS products include blush shades “Orgasm” and “Deep Throat,” as well as “Climax” mascara.
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A new lipstick launch isn’t usually controversial, but NARS is certainly raising eyebrows with its latest campaign.

The beauty brand has rolled out a series of videos revealing its new “After Hours” lipsticks, and they’re almost NSFW.

The clips show the lipsticks melting in reverse, leading them to resemble a specific part of the male anatomy.

If you’re wondering whether this was intentional, you need only look at the captions of the videos: “When the nudes keep you up all night,” “Go ahead. Leave them on red,” and “A nude so intoxicating, you won’t know how you lived without it.”

The lipsticks come in NARS’ original 12 shades – “the 12 shades that changed beauty and challenged convention,” according to the brand – and cost $26 each.

The cheeky campaign isn’t NARS’ first foray into the adult-only arena – the brand has never shied away from sexiness, and one of its enduring bestsellers is the “Orgasm” blush.

Other risqué names include the “Climax” mascara and “Deep Throat” blush shade.

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It’s possible the new campaign may not be having the desired effect, though – unless that was simply to get people talking, in which case the brand has achieved its aim.

Twitter has been abuzz with people sharing their reactions to the ads, with some saying the videos put them off buying the lipsticks, and others pointing out that this is “par for the course” for NARS.

One person who is a fan of the lipstick, however, is model and social media star Chrissy Teigen, who said she “must have it.”

In 2017, the make-up brand’s founder François Nars explained why he places so much emphasis on product names.

“By calling it a very specific name, a woman would fall in love with the product even more because it has more personality,” he told People.

“I try to find intelligent names that really mean something. It can be a country, it can be a sensation, an emotion, movie, whatever, but something that would really click.”

INSIDER has contacted NARS for comment.