Need to Know podcast: Learn about Cleveland Cavaliers’ billionaire owner Dan Gilbert’s management mantras

Billionaire Dan Gilbert is the founder and chairman of Rock Ventures, whose more than 100 companies include Quicken Loans and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He said that last year, a major PR misstep represented the opposite of what he's trying to accomplish with his multi-billion-dollar investment campaign in downtown Detroit.

Dan Gilbert is the billionaire owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Need to Know

Episode 1

Duration: 1:35 mins

Synopsis: In this Need to Know podcast series, get career and personal development tips from Business Insider Singapore and Malaysia.

In this episode, Dylan Tan, senior correspondent of Business Insider Singapore and Malaysia, looks at the management style of Dan Gilbert, the billionaire owner of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. About 20 years ago, he wrote a corporate culture guide, which is is now given to every employee in his Rock Ventures family of more than 100 companies.

Here are some of his rules of building a successful business.

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