Netflix just upped itself with another jab at Yishun in Stranger Things 2 promo

There’s something strange in your neighbourhood.

The Internet clearly isn’t done taking jabs at Yishun for the number of times the heartland estate’s been flashed in news headlines for all the wrong reasons – and neither is Netflix.

To tie in with the release of the hit series Stranger Things’ second season last weekend, Netflix posted yet another Facebook promotional video on Oct 30 called “Stranger Yishun”, apparently set in the Housing Board neighbourhood in the North of Singapore.

Aside from the deliberately eerie feel to conjure the aura of the “Upside Down” parallel universe and appearances by the strange creatures depicted in the show, Yishun’s many infamous cases are also fleshed out.

It’s littered all over the 1-minute clip. You name it: Cat murder, cabbie fight, sink hole and ghost sighting.


And you’ll see a scene with a Block 666 Yishun Avenue 4 signage shown.


Besides the biblical reference to the number ‘666’ and its connection to the Antichrist, the actual HDB block also made the news in September after a couple was recorded on video engaging in a sexual act at the void deck.

Incidentally, the block is not far off from Singapore president Madam Halimah Yacob’s former abode too.

But towards the end of the Netflix clip, comes a twist.

You’ll hear what appears to be a film director shouting “cut!” followed by “end slate” with a quick cutaway to a behind-the-scenes shot of two production crew members, casually dressed in black.

One of them drops the punchline in Singlish: “This show like damn familiar ah.”

Oh yeah, we know it.


Fans of the show, as well as Yishun residents, would have remembered the first time Netflix used Yishun as its premise in a Stranger Things promo clip, which stirred mixed emotions especially among Yishun residents.

The first clip was released on March 22 this year with the post: “Is #Yishun cursed, simply unlucky, or struck by something stranger? We’ll leave you to decide…#StrangerThings”