Netizens feel ‘deceived’ after former PM Najib Razak hyped up his appearance in a music video – then didn’t appear

A teaser for the song featured Najib interacting with the rappers, but he did not appear in the full video.
YouTube/Les Krev

Hours after a much-hyped rap track supposedly featuring Najib Razak was dropped on Monday (May 27), eager netizens were dismayed to discover that the former Prime Minster was nowhere to be seen in the actual music video.

A teaser video for the song, titled BBB, short for Bukan Biashe Biashe (meaning ‘special’ in Malay slang) went viral on social media over the weekend. The song name is a catchphrase coined for Najib by Ron Kamisan, a Malaysian entrepreneur and Najib supporter.

The teaser video – which Najib shared on Twitter – shows the former premier sitting in a white Toyota, only to stop by an outdoor food court and give the song’s rappers – ADK and RASH the Warchild – a thumbs up.

The full video garnered 23,000 views after being uploaded to YouTube on Monday, but those hoping to see more of Najib were left disappointed, as netizens quickly discovered that the video did not feature him at all.

Many left comments asking “Where is Najib?”, with one user saying he felt “deceived” after watching the teaser video.

Another said: “If only Najib was in the (actual) video, it would probably have got a lot more shares.”

The former premier is currently facing charges over the 1MDB case for criminal breach of trust, abuse of power and money laundering.

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