New Balenciaga men’s top comes with a back-up shirt for fashion victims who cannot decide what to wear

You are not seeing double.

Everybody loves a good deal and Balenciaga is offering that with a top from its Fall ’18 men’s collection.

The luxury fashion house’s T-Shirt Shirt is essentially a two-for-one offer and you get an oversized tee with a checkered shirt sewn onto the front.

Buyers can choose to wear it however they want – as a tee with with a shirt hanging in front or as a shirt with a tee attached like a cape to the back – because in the world of high fashion, there is no right or wrong and it’s all about making your own individual statement.

The product ships only from end July but you can reserve it online now for $1330 (S$1780). Price excludes your own twin. And nobody can accuse you of under-dressing again.

Twitter users who can’t wait have resorted to making their own versions. @AH_Mike said he saved thousands of dollars while @electrawaves crafted a matching bottom.


Balenciaga is no stranger to making jaws drop with their outrageous designs. Just last month, it showcased a lookalike Croc sandal but reimagined as a platform heel.

Its Spring-Summer ’17 collection included an extra large tote that drew comparisons to a blanket bag.

Blanket not included.

Balenciaga followed that up with a $2000 tote that was compared to an IKEA shopping bag which retails for a fraction of the price.

Not available at IKEA.

Last July, it also released a carrier which resembled the brand’s paper bag but made out of lambskin. Despite the $1100 price tag, it sold out immediately.

You may request for a real Balenciaga paper bag when you buy this lambskin tote.