New video shows Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini robot opening doors – and the Internet is freaking out

And you thought your golden retriever was really smart?
YouTube/Boston Dynamics

Last November, Boston Dynamics blew us away with a video of its latest electric-powered robot dog SpotMini bouncing away outdoors on all fours that planted a mental image of a dystopian future in the minds of viewers.

If that freaked you out, the SoftBank-owned company released another clip on YouTube on Monday (Feb 12), that everyone’s talking about now.

The 45-second clip entitled “Hey buddy, can you give me a hand?” shows not one, but two Bumblebee-yellow SpotMini robots working out how to get past a closed door.

You don’t really see the second SpotMini until 15 seconds into the clip, when it emerges to show off a mechanical arm attached to its top, and lend a helping hand to its friend.

The rest looks easy enough and is really smooth: The mechanical arm grips the door handle, pulls down on the lever and swings open the door. The robots then make their way through the door.

This is the first time the company publicly demonstrated the SpotMini robot’s ability to open a door even though earlier images on its website showed the robot with a mechanical arm.

Smarter than your average dog.
Boston Dynamics

The latest video amassed over 4.7 million views at the time of writing and was reportedly the No.1 trending view on YouTube on Tuesday (Feb 12).

Reactions from the online community appear mixed with many expressing concern over the dangerous potential of future machines. Perhaps Black Mirror’s “Metalhead” episode had something to do with that.

Meanwhile, others simply find the robots cute.