New Zealand police release ‘the most entertaining recruitment video’ – and it breaks down all social barriers

It’s a recruitment video which the New Zealand police has called its “most entertaining recruitment video yet” and there is good reason to support that.

It has all the elements of a fast-paced police chase showcasing different facets of police work with plenty of comedic relief while embracing all ethnicities, gender and even species – there’s a cat and a dog in police vests too.

Tougher than your average cat.
NZ Police Recruitment

It stars 70 real cops, the police band, Police Commissioner Mike Bush and even New Zealand social media star William Waiirua who makes a cameo, all in a bid to recruit new officers.

William Waiirua brings traffic to a standstill.
NZ Police Recruitment

At the time of writing, the video which was posted on Facebook on Nov 25 had been viewed over 3.4 million times and shared more than 50,600 times.

The New Zealand police’s official website states that it welcomes applications from anyone who has “what it takes, regardless of height, gender, ethnicity, culture, sexuality, or faith”.

“To better reflect New Zealand’s growing diversity we want you to bring your background, culture, and values to the job,” it reads.

In a report, deputy chief executive of public affairs Karen Jones said: “We want to attract people who bring their own skill set, like problem solving and working in a team, and who are fit, or prepared to get fit.”

“There are more than 30 different career paths within NZ police and it was really important to demonstrate the range of options for people who may be considering joining us.”