This northern UK city has beat out the likes of Cuba and Chile for the title of ‘best place to visit in 2018’

One of the UK's dinkiest major cities, you can walk from one side of Newcastle to the other in under 15 minutes.

One of the UK’s dinkiest major cities, you can walk from one side of Newcastle to the other in under 15 minutes.
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  • Newcastle has been named the number one place to visit in 2018 by Rough Guides.
  • The definitive guide includes a range of cities, countries, and regions.
  • The US Civil Rights Trail, set to open for the first time on January 1, was the runner-up.

Newcastle, England has been named Rough Guides’ number one place in the world to visit in 2018, beating out the likes of Malta’s Valletta, New Orleans’ nightlife, Malawi’s landscapes, and Cuba’s booming tourist trade to first place.

The northern hub may be best known for its partying spots, bitter temperatures, and that fantastic bridge, but Rough Guides believes that “the capital city of the northeast” has more to offer tourists than cheap double-vodka-red bulls and a charming accent.

The definitive list of the best countries, cities, and regions praised Newcastle for its “Geordie geniality, lively nightlife, burgeoning restaurant scene, fantastic museums, and architectural feats.”

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The city is also the host of the first ever Great Exhibition of the North – a series of exhibits, street performances, technological innovations, and interactive experiences open to the public, which will take place next year – earning Newcastle further praise from the Rough Guides panel.

Commenting on the list, Coralie Modschiedler, Senior Web Editor at Rough Guides, said: “This year, we wanted to include destinations that will be big news next year but also look at places that are underrated, up-and-coming, or newly back on the tourist map.”

The Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle.

The Literary and Philosophical Society, Newcastle.
Flickr/Michael D Beckwith

Two destinations were selected to represent the UK in Rough Guides’ top 10. As well as Newcastle, Wales’ rolling hills and lush landscapes earned the country a place in the listing.

Over in the US, New Orleans’ jazz culture, street parties, and food scene caught the guide’s attention, while the US Civil Rights Trail, set to open for the first time on New Year’s Day 2018, was named the overall runner-up.

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Here are Rough Guides’ 10 top travel destinations for 2018:

1. Newcastle, England

2. Civil Rights Trail, USA

3. Malawi

4. Valletta, Malta

5. Wales

6. Cuba

7. Russia

8. New Orleans, USA

9. Chile

10. Sierra Leone