Nextflix has added all 10 seasons of Friends to its catalogue and paid tribute to one Singapore superfan for his ‘unwavering love’ of the TV sitcom

If you can’t get enough of watching episodes of Friends, you’ll now be able to stream all 10 seasons of the hugely popular US TV sitcom on Netflix.

And you have one Singaporean super fan Gavin Neo to thank for that, it seems.

Netflix Singapore said in a statement on Tuesday (Jan 2) that Neo had been leaving comments on its official Facebook page for the past six months urging the video streaming service to host all 236 episodes of the series, which last aired nearly 14 years ago.

“And Netflix has heard him,” it said.

Netflix Singapore even went to the extent of posting a video on its official Facebook page to pay tribute to Neo for his persistence on Jan 1 – the day it launched the series on its platform.

In the video, Netflix said: “While Singapore learnt Spanish with the Cali Cartel, fell for Steve Harrington, went gaga over Nasi Lemak, and grumbled about public transport, one guy’s obsession over his favourite squad of six never wavered.”

It may not have come down to one guy’s fandom entirely as Netflix revealed at the end of the clip that it had indeed been working on the project for some time now.

Business Insider also learnt that Netflix UK & Ireland announced that all episodes of Friends would be available in the territories from Jan 1.

But of course, many Facebook users took the opportunity to ask Netflix to carry other TV series such as The Office, Family Guy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it explained that making it happen could “take a long time”.

So you see, it’s not as easy one might think, but for Neo, his dream certainly came true.