NTUC Fairprice just joined the ranks of Amazon and RedMart by upping its online shopping game

Robots in operation at NTUC Fairprice’s High-tech Distribution Centre facility in Joo Koon.
The Straits Times

Supermarket chain NTUC Fairprice is stepping up its game with its latest foray in the arena of e-commerce platforms.

On Wednesday (Mar 28), NTUC Fairprice officially unveiled its revitalised online platform Fairprice On, accompanied by an automated goods-to-man storage and retrieval system à la RedMart and Amazon.

An overhauled mobile app and online portal, touted as having more robust and intuitive user-interfaces, were also introduced.

Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO of NTUC Fairprice said: “In line with Singapore’s Retail Industry Transformation Map, we continue to innovate and harness technology to boost productivity and customer service while adapting to constant shifts in the e-commerce industry.”

Fairprice On’s online fulfilment system Autostore – situated within the High-Tech Distribution Centre facility at Fairprice Hub in Joo Koon – leverages on robotics to enable high-density storage while optimising manpower and boosting productivity.

Autostore is capable of handling up to 3,000 orders daily and is four times faster than current radio frequency-assisted picking systems.

Space-efficiency has been greatly improved too.

The facility’s high-density storage system is home to an astounding 20,000 bins spread over multiple layers, occupying an area equivalent to that of one-and-a-half Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Each bin is configurable, allowing for any quantity of most types of products to be held within the same bin for better flexibility and scalability.

A computerised system manages order fulfilment with robots that retrieve items and shift the bins around to maximise space.

Fairprice On’s revamped mobile app and online portal also make seamless online customer experiences possible.

This is done by streamlining the online customer journey to make it faster and easier for shoppers.

Currently, Fairprice On offers over 13,000 products ranging from groceries to personal care and electronics, with over 400,000 subscribers registered on the platform.

Every customer’s specific need is also catered to under the system.

Fairprice On utilises data analytics to send personalised promotions to customers based on their profile, interests and consumption habits.

Free home delivery is available for customers who spend over S$59 ($44.98) and free collection from 71 Click&Collection spots is granted to those who spend over S$29.

However it’s not all just business.

Fairprice has partnered with the National Council of Social Service to allow shoppers to do good for the community via the platform.

Fairprice On subscribers can donate groceries directly to beneficiaries from a list of 55 social service organisations through the platform, with delivery fees waived for donated groceries.