oBike is pulling out of Singapore less than two weeks after exiting Melbourne, cites issues with new LTA rules


A commuter riding a bicycle from the bike-sharing company oBike at the Marina Barrage on 22 October 2017.
The Straits Times

oBike has ceased its Singapore operations with immediate effect on Monday (June 25).

The bike sharing operator made the announcement via its app, citing problems with meeting the new requirements set by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to tackle indiscriminate parking.

oBike said the introduced regulation measures are not in favour of the company providing a dockless bicycle-sharing service and directed users to its partner, GrabCycle, instead.

Grab, however, has issued its own statement on Monday afternoon, saying it will “no longer be able to offer oBike’s bicycles on the GrabCycle marketplace effective today, as oBike will not have the appropriate bike-sharing license to operate in Singapore, nor will they be maintaining their fleet of bicycles”.

Its spokesperson added: “As a marketplace app, our promise is to enable customers to find a shared bike or a personal mobility device easily by bringing multiple personal mobility brands into the GrabCycle app.”

“With one fewer partner, we understand that our customers’ experience will be impacted. As such, we will be waiving all existing GrabCycle subscription fees and deposits, and offering a four-week free trial on GrabCycle for current users so that they can try our newest bike-share partner, Anywheel.”

oBike’s said only its Singapore operation has been affected so those who signed up for its Super VIP membership can still use it in other countries.

The bike sharing company launched here last January and claims to have over one million users in Singapore. Less than a fortnight ago, it also announced it was pulling out of Melbourne.

Just earlier this month, GBikes also said it will stop operating in Singapore from July. The remaining players left are ofo, Mobike, Anywheel, SG Bike and ShareBikeSG.