OCBC Bank’s the first in Singapore to enable instant digital card issuance minutes after you apply for it

OCBC Bank customers can make transactions with their new digital card within minutes of applying for one.

OCBC Bank is the first bank in Singapore to enable instant digital card issuance and provisioning on Apply Pay via its mobile banking app.

Since March 2018, OCBC Bank has given its customers the ability to make transactions with merchants that accept Apple Pay within minutes of applying for a new Visa credit or debit card, according to a media release on Monday (Apr 16).

OCBC Bank customers, including first-time applicants, can apply for a card online and receive almost immediate approval for their application, without having to wait for a physical card to be mailed.

The card can be accessed and provisioned to Apple Pay instantly via the OCBC Mobile Banking app.

Mr Aditya Gupta, OCBC Bank’s head of E-Business Singapore, said: “Our customers can now receive their card digitally and provision it to their Apple Wallet to start paying with it straight away –  all from within our mobile banking app and within a few minutes.”

“We believe this is a huge level-up in customer experience and will further accelerate our digital card applications and cashless payments market leadership drive.”