OCBC Bank’s voice-powered banking system literally let’s you have a say in how you manage your money

OCBC Bank customers can now ask Siri to check their bank balances, credit card overview and make e-payments.

OCBC Bank has rolled out Singapore’s first voice-enabled day-to-day banking and cashless payment system.

From Feb 23, OCBC Bank’s retail banking customers can check their bank account balances, outstanding credit card balances and details as well as make instant e-payments to any Singapore bank account using Apple’s virtual assistant Siri.

Bank accounts not linked to the PayNow service – a nationwide peer-to-peer funds transfer service which uses mobile or NRIC numbers – can receive these e-payments as well.

Customers using the latest version of the OCBC Mobile Banking App simply need to give voice commands such as “Hey Siri, what’s my balance?” or “What is my credit card spend?” to check their balances and credit card details.

After which the transaction is authenticated with their fingerprint or facial recognition.

Those with the most updated version of the OCBC Pay Anyone app can make a transfer by telling Siri whom to send the money to and how much, followed by the same method of validation.

The service can be accessed by all OCBC Bank customers using iPhone devices running at least the iOS11 software and the latest versions of the apps.

Authentication using facial recognition is only available on iPhone X devices.

Mr Aditya Gupta, OCBC Bank’s head of E-Business Singapore, said: “This latest service marks a major milestone in banking as it brings us one huge leap closer to making natural language voice-activated banking and payments a reality.”

OCBC Bank is exploring possibilities to use voice-powered AI tools in more banking transaction avenues such as bill payments, money management and common servicing requests.