One man has won a jackpot of RM69.6 million – the largest in Malaysia’s history

You never know when lady luck is smiling upon you.

A businessman from Penang struck Malaysia’s biggest ever jackpot at the Sept 13 Grand Toto 6/63 draw.

Imagine the shock he had when his RM50 Lucky Pick ended up winning the top prize of RM69.6 million.

According to a report in New Straits Times (NST), the man had only bought the ticket because he was stuck in a traffic jam. He spotted a Sports Toto outlet while making a detour and decided to try his luck.

Although the 40-year-old was told that the winner hailed from Penang, he did not expect that he could be that lucky, NST reported.

Instead of checking the results immediately when they were revealed, he told NST that he went about his daily routine the next day until he suddenly thought about the possibility.

According to NST, the man was convinced of the spectacular win only after asking his brother to help him check the winning numbers against the ticket.

“We were so excited that we could not stop screaming and began running around the house,” he was quoted as saying.

He plans to donate a portion of his prize to charity, and will use the rest for property investments and loan repayments.