Outrage after man seen stealing phone as teen lies dying in road accident

Facebook user Harry Cyclone

A family dealing with the pain of losing a son has been dealt with another blow after being told that a passer-by had stolen the dying teen’s phone.

According to an eye-witness who posted a photo of the scene on Facebook, 16-year-old Muhammad Haikal Ahmad was riding on a motorcycle when he was hit by a van at Jalan Tun Abdul Razak in Johor Baru.

To make matters worse, a man who approached the the dying teen pretended to check his phone for emergency contacts, but quickly took off with the phone without rendering any help.

“His head was bleeding a lot and all of us were trying to help him and there comes this guy, all of a sudden checking the boy’s phone to call his parents, but instead he took the phone and ran away,” the eye-witness reportedly said on a local Facebook community page.

Facebook users who commented on the post expressed outrage and puzzlement with the alleged thief’s actions.

Many warned him of retribution and left messages expressing their sympathies to the boy’s family.

According to The Star, the victim’s older brother found out about the accident after receiving photos of a boy resembling Muhammad Haikal lying on the ground.

The 43-year-old then tried to call the teen but received no response.

If the man had not taken the boy’s phone, the family could have found out about the accident and gotten to the scene, he reportedly said.

The youngest of five children, Muhammad Haikal took the bike on Tuesday (Jan 2) because he was late for school.

He was usually taken to school by his father, his brother said.