Singaporeans are fuming mad at Owndays’ premature end to Insta-discount campaign – and it’s become a mess online

Owndays might have fallen victim to its own promotional campaign.
Facebook/ OWNDAYS Singapore

Optical shop Owndays Singapore has gotten itself caught in an online firestorm after prematurely ending a recent promotional campaign.

The Owndays Follower Discount campaign centred on the concept of customers purchasing glasses for discounts based on their Instagram follower numbers and post likes.

According to the campaign’s official website, potential buyers had to take photos of themselves in Owndays shops and upload them on Instagram.

Each like the post gained and each follower the buyer had at the time would be converted to S$0.50 ($0.38) and S$0.05 off the original price of the glasses respectively.

The website also hinted at the possibility of getting glasses for free if the numbers were high enough.

The campaign managed to garner an unprecedented high level of participation, said the company, and it soon became too much to handle.

On Thursday (Mar 8), Owndays posted a statement on its Facebook page announcing a premature cessation of the campaign due to “overwhelming response”.

The company said it would offer S$10 off a pair of prescription glasses on Mar 9 at all of its outlets, in an attempt to allay disappointment.

The Facebook post has received over 1,500 reactions and 474 shares at time of writing.

An Instagram post publicising the campaign has also been removed and visitors to the official website are greeted with a “Campaign Closed” notification.

Naturally, many Singaporeans were enraged by the sudden news.

Some social media users complained about the campaign’s untimely closure before the company’s announcement.

A dispute over the clarity of the campaign’s terms and conditions (T&C) ensued, with the vagueness of the company’s amendment to the T&C further fanning the flames.

One user even suggested referring the matter to the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore.

More forgiving individuals came to the defence of Owndays, criticising the attitude of disgruntled users while others commended Owndays staff for their efforts.