Meet Parley, the Parliament of Singapore’s new winged lion mascot

The Parliament of Singapore’s new mascot Parley claims to be obsessed with photography and enjoys indexing and reading Hansard reports in his free time.
Instagram/Parliament of Singapore

Singapore’s Parliament has a new mascot and it’s a “young winged lion” named Parley.

According to a post on the Parliament of Singapore’s Facebook page on Monday (April 23), Parley stands for Proactive, Adventurous, Resourceful, Learned, Eloquent and Youthful.

The post read: “Now that the Parliament of Singapore has launched its Instagram page, Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin has invited me to be one of its administrators.”

“I’ll be sharing snapshots and nuggets of information on our Parliament’s history and what goes on behind these walls. So do keep a lookout for my posts!”

The image shared along with the post contained Parley’s profile information which listed among other things, its favourite songs, favourite books and even a short write-up which said that it is “obsessed with photography”.

It read: “As a young winged lion, I’m still desperately trying to lose my baby fat by whizzing about the skies as cardio and doing weights training with my Mace and the thickest Parliament library book.”

“I also enjoy indexing and reading the Hansard reports in my free time.”

In case you’re wondering, Parley is male and studied at the National Institute for Furry Friends, which incidentally would make the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau’s white bear mascot Kopi Lim, his fellow alumnus.

Facebook users mostly appeared to welcome Parley, with many also engaging him with questions.